transitive verb: to form, shape, make or fashion, especially by concentrated effort;
(objects, articles, etc)




Since 1998 I have had a passion for designing graphics, web sites and applications for the web and it's many, many visitors. Today just about everyone has a web site, a blog, facebook page, etc... do you?


If you have a business and you want the public to know about it, a website is a great way to get noticed. Maybe you're an artist and you want your work to be seen, or you have information that no one else has! Or you just want a website because everyone else has one, darn it all! ~

If any of the previous statements represent you, then you are probably in the market for a website and you have come to the right place!



Typically DMDForge websites are built from scratch, however some are modified from a purchased template. Depending on your needs, I will build a fantastic and modern site unique to you at a price you can afford.

This entire site is for demonstration purposes, some pieces are unfinished and reside here simply to take up space and show variety, others are completed works and are functional. Visit my Portfolio page to see live and current work, also visit the Gallery for various graphic items.

If you want to have a presence on the web, this is where you get started!



Why would I pay you to design my ad or print item when most will include it in the cost of the ad?

If you like what they provide you, then that is the route you should take.
I provide:
'un-ordinary', 'off the wall', 'out of the blue', (etc...) high quality art and design.
So if you want to stand out, be noticed, and show that you aren't afraid to be different, then contact me and get your project underway.

Why do your sites look so different than what I am used to seeing on the internet?

I tend to not follow the standard 'rules', I design artistically according to what the client has asked for.

How long have you been building websites?

In 1998 I got my first computer...a 'webTV'. In about 2 months I learned the art of IRC (Internet Relay Chat), cut and paste style. That got me hungry for more, since then I have learned everything I can about design and creation of internet based applications and websites. I am self taught, with the guidance of the internet's vast resources on my subjects of choice.

Are there any more faqs?

What a silly question >.>


The quicker I have the materials...the quicker a site can be made, however 'quick' is not always the best route to take.
Anything good, takes time.
The extent of any project depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend.

My Skills:

  •     physical art
  •     photoshop art
  •     flash design/actionscript
  •     javascript/jQuery/ajax
  •     css
  •     html/dhtml
  •     xml
  •     asp
  •     cgi/perl
  •     php
  •     SQL/mySQL

My Attributes:

  •     imagination
  •     patience
  •     innovation
  •     dedication

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