Chaos Scream: BACK ONLINE

Sep 18, 2013

Chaos Scream: Is back online and will be streaming again.

chaos-scream-6a039-09182013.jpgThe streaming station was closed for a few years, it was re-launched in 2017 using new technology. The station obtained a much larger following and more contributors than it ever has before. At the end of Summer 2017 it went offline again until it's new re-launch date of September 2018.
New chat and station are located at :, the original website is still live: Chaos can also be found on facebook:

(Original Entry:

It's been a great run, but there always comes an end and ours has far past. Thanks to all of our patrons and long time friends ~ without you, Chaos would have never rocked the way it did.

The website(s), facebook and myspace pages will stay up for demonstration purposes, but will no longer be administrated or utilized.

Official site:

R.I.P. Chaos Stream/Chaos Scream 2006-2013.)

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